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Your web destination when planning a unique trip to Kamchatka. It is our goal to make your holiday in Kamchatka the time of your life, and make sure you get to see the most interesting & exciting of the Kamchatka peninsula in the best appropriate way for you. We are dedicated to provide an exquisite quality and organize outstanding unique tours. We strive to explore new and unknown to the broader market of tours in Kamchatka in order to deliver outstanding adventures into the wildereness of the Russian Far East.


Kamchatka is all about being an…explorer
It is the key definition of traveling in Kamchatka. Its scale and rhythm are like nothing else on this planet. The wilderness of Kamchatka´s nature together with a lack of infrastructure give one an exquisite feeling of being an explorer in the 21th century even though there is no place on our Planet where human beings have not been yet.
In Kamchatka there is always a bit of…adventure
Kamchatka is ADVENTUROUS. Not only ascending active volcanoes is business as usual in Kamchatka, but walking inside the crater of the most active volcano in Asia can expand your understanding of the word "adventure". Spending a day or two among bears while they calmly complete their daily routine as fishing, driving through numerous rives by a six - wheel truck are just few things that can give you a new level of adventurous holiday.
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Kamchatka is rather… unpredictable
Kamchatka is not about perfect PLANNING. It is surely important to have a plan in advance when going to Kamchatka, but its changeable weather and wild nature can "correct" your schedule in its own way. We look at it as an advantage since it makes your journey to Kamchatka even more adventurous and there is always a "surprise" factor within.
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It is our major priority to deliver high - end quality service, so you can focus on nothing but your unique experiences while exploring Kamchatka.

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We strongly believe that people is what makes our product stand out in the mass. Therefore, we are dedicated to hiring and engaging during tours organized by Kamchatka Jurta Llc. only local specialists, as we rely fully on their experiences and expertise.


As a major focus we set our priority on designing unique programs and tours you might find nowhere else but here. Each tour is designed for you to gain the most unique and outstanding experiences in Kamchatka.

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