About KamchatkaPure

KamchatkaPure.com is the online project powered by tour - operator Kamchatka Jurta Llc. based in Kamchatka, Russia. The company is rather young yet dates its activity back to 2006 when its´founder Alla Ganster (known as Alla Kuznetsova) organized her first trip for a group of outdoor fans from Italy. And so it began.

As a company we are dedicated to provide exquisite quality of the services and products we deliver. This dedication goes along with the focus on exclusivity as we strive to organize the tours you might find nowhere else. We see each trip through Kamchatka wilderness as a real - life adventure yet your security and comfort come first, which are our major objectives.

Our philosophy

To provide exquisite quality we rely purely on people in our field. By stating this, we make sure we get the best people on board, most qualified and experienced, with high sense of duty and keen on fulfilling their jobs at more that 100%.

Our goal

Our prior goal is to make your journey in Kamchatka the time of your life. We are not interested in you just tackling Kamchatka as another destination on your wish - list. We will do it all for you to come back to Kamchatka and become its life-long fan.

Our mission

We strive to discover new and not stop at our limits. By doing so, we can insure to come up regularly with new adventures in Kamchatka.

Meet the team
Alla Ganster
Alla Ganster
Was born and grew up in Kamchatka. Used to be a high performance alpine ski racer what leaded to the early - born love for outdoors. Alla´s skiing career brought her to Austria, where she later gained her Masters degree with desctinction in Business Arts. As a passionate freeride skier these days, she developed and designed Ski & Sail cluster of tours at KamchatkaPure, and stands behind photography expeditions in summer. Decade long experience in the field of tourism in Kamchatka, representing such travel company as DIAMIR Germany and accompanying guests on numerous photography tours is what defines Alla as a director with a full sense and knowledge of the product the company provides: there is no single tour presented at KamchatkaPure.com which Alla would not have tried herself.
Sergey Tchumichev
Sergey Tchumichev
Born and grew up in Kamchatka´s most remote area the Pauzshetka settlement, Sergey is a unique and rather practical addition to our team. There is no such weather conditions this ever optimistic person would be scared of, there are no circumstances he would not see as a challenge. Outdoor is his usual habitat and we trust him our most passionate outdoor guests.