Salmon, Bears & Volcanoes

Kamchatka´s trade marks all in one: brown bears & sock - eye salmon at the Kuril Lake, active  volcanoes of the South by land, air and sea

What to Expect

This tour combines Kamchatka`s highlights such as brown bears, salmon, volcanoes and Pacific ocean with its inhabitants: whales, sea lions and white - shoulder eagles. We will first take you on a real adventure by bringing you to the famous Kuril Lake via Okhotsk sea shore through fishers´ villages and a green settlement Pauzshetka, with its first in Russia geo - thermal power plant and plenty of green houses where locals grow tomatoes, wine grapes and even papaya all year round. During your stay at the Kuril Lake you will learn about the habitat of Kamchatka brown bear in its natural environment, watch bear families bringing up their cubs, and with little luck you will see streams of sockeye salmon coming to the Kuril Lake for spawning.

And as you have might already though it would be an adventure enough, we will fly you out of brown bears´ kingdom to the Kamchatka´s most active and impressive volcanoes by Russian sturdy MI - 8 helicopter. During the flight you will observe the Souther group of volcanoes and land just next to Mutnovsky volcano.

After hiking Kamchatka´s volcanic landscape, we will intoduce you to Kamchatka´s sea world by taking you to the Russkaya Bay for a day trip, during which you can observe orcas, hump whales, Steller´s eagle as well as dine a là Kamchatka style: king crab, salmon soup and salmon caviar freshly cooked for you.


"The Earth forming, the tectonic plates shifting, the molten heart pulsing to get out. Kamchatka´s scale is what had blown my mind: it reconnects everyone who visits with the raw truth this Earth is bigger than any of us."

                                                                                             By Sophie Roberts, writer and author



Kamchatka Pure by EpicMinutes
€ 3450
per person
Group size
10 - 12
Tour code
July - August
exact dated to be announced asap

Tour highlights

  • brown bears at the Kuril Lake
  • spawning wild sock - eye- salmon
  • Kamchatka by land, air and sea
  • full day in Pacific ocean watching marine life
  • Kamchatka´s most active volcanoes Mutnowsky and Gorely
  • spectacular heli flight

Tour Itinerary

KamchatkaPure Team greets and welcomes you at one and only airport in Kamchatka. Transfer to our lodge. Briefing with the guide in the evening.
Adventure begins. We drive by our sturdy Kamaz vehicle to Okhotsk shore and then down south along numerous fishers´ camps. Endless tundra, curvy rivers full of salmon, volcanic sand and sea lions are our companions for today. Crossing the river Bolshaya by a ferry is another highlight of the day. Once reached the beginning of Opala river, we set up our camp on the shore of the Okhots sea. Overnight in tents.
This day is full of off - road action as we will cross numerous rivers, and enter that part of the Kamchatka peninsula where no roads but direction exist. Our goal for today is a tiny settlement hidden among stone birches at the foot of Koshelewsky volcano. Pauzshetka village is famous for its first in Russia geo - thermal power plant, which is still active and we take you inside for an exclusive excursion. Our camp is set up in the middle of a beautiful garden with wooden banya (russian sauna) and a pool with thermal water. Overnight in tents.
The day you enter the brown bears´kingdom - the Kuril Lake. With its yearly sock - eye salmon population of approximately 4 mln species, this place is a heaven for Kamchatka brown bears as it provides enough nutriment. Watching bears fishing, bringing up their young cubs and living their daily life are the scenes you get to see while staying here. The scenery of the lake and surrounding volcanoes complete the experience of full wilderness of Kamchatka. Overnight in tents.
It is time to say farewell to Kamchatka`s brown bears as your adventure continues with Kamchatka´s active volcanoes. Our helicopter brings you from the Kuril Lake to the feet of Mutnovsky volcano where we set up our camp for the next three nights. During the flight you observe the magnificent volcanoes of the South of Kamchatka, such as Ksudach, Khodutka, Iljinsky, Gorely & Mutnovsky. Overnight in tents.
We have two full days to explore Kamchatka´s most beautiful and impressive volcanoes Gorely & Mutnovsky. Each of these days is dedicated to the volcanoes so you have enough time to experience the true meaning of "Kamchatka - the land of fire & ice". Overnight in tents.
Time to say goodbye to volcanos and get back to civilization Our sturdy six - wheel truck brings you to our group hotel. You have time to recuperate and get ready for your next adventure. Overnight in hotel.
Today we explore the Pacific Ocean that Kamchatka´s west shore is washed by. You have a whole day to discover the marine world, watch orcas, Steller´s sea - eagles, tufted puffins, pacific seagulls, hump whales, taste freshly cooked in salt water king crabs and more. We take you to one of Kamchatka´s picturesque bays - the Russkaya Bay by our comfortable expedition vessel. In the late evening you return to our group hotel.
This time remains as reserve day for the case of bad weather. If it is not used during the entire tour, you can have an optional day - trip to the Valley of Geysers. In the evening we invite you to the farewell dinner with the crew. Overnight in our group hotel.
As sad is it might be, it is time to say goodbye and leave Kamchatka. Yet, we hope we will be able to meet & greet you here once again.
The tour itinerary is the subject of change due to weather conditions, snow situation and objectives not dependent on us. Out Team & Guides do their best to fulfill the tour as mentioned here, yet changes are applicable due to certain circumstances.

Price includes

  • all transfers according to program
  • local team: guide, interpreter, cook, ranger
  • accommodation according to program
  • full board when en routè
  • day - long boat trip to the Russkaya bay
  • helicopter flight from the Kurile lake to the Mutnowsky volcano
  • invitation for tourist visa to Russia
  • visitor permit for Kamchatka South Sanctuary
  • tents and outdoor kitchen equipment
  • zodiac boats when at the Kurile lake

Price does not include

  • visa fee
  • alcoholic drinks
  • not mentioned services
  • travel insurance
  • flight fare to Kamchatka and back