Big Five

Kamchatka´s most impressive active volcanoes and inhabitants of the Pacific ocean.


What to expect

When one hears of Kamchatka, volcanoes are what comes first to one´s mind. When asking us which volcano is the most beautiful of them all, we for sure say „all of them!“ yet we decided to include our five favorite volcanoes into this tour in order to give you an ultimate feeling of the land of fire and ice. We will show you such beauties as Mutnowsky and Gorely impressive for their constant activity and possibility to be explored from inside out, volcano Avachinsky famous for its magnificent view once you reach its crater, and the giants of north: Tolbachik and Kljutchewskoy. The trip will be fulfilled with the exploration of the Pacific ocean marine life  by spending a day among sea birds and mammals. 


€ 3200
per person
Group size
8 - 12
Tour code
Mid July - Mid September

Tour highlights

  • volcanoes of the South: Mutnowsky and Gorely
  • volcanoes of the North: Tolbachik & Kljuchewskoi
  • Avachinsky volcano with breath taking view
  • day - long sea trip to the Russkaya bay

Tour Itinerary

Meet & greet in Kamchatka´s one and only airport. Transfer to hotel. Briefing and program discussion with the KamchatkaPure team. Overnight in hotel.
Today is dedicated to visiting Petropavlovsk - Kamchatsky, fish market, view point, and most important the center of Volcanology, where you are given detailed information about Kamchatka´s volcanoes. In the early afternoon our Kamaz brings you to Avacha base camp. Overnight in mountain lodge.
Ascending of the volcano Avachinsky (2741 m). As you start hiking in the early morning walking along volcanic ridge, you get to see the Avacha bay as well as neighboring volcanoes such as Korjaksky and others. Your goal, the crater of the volcano Avachinsky is constantly in front of you as you approach it. 1800 vertical meters from camp. Approximately 5 - 6 hours for ascend, 3 hours for descend. Overnight in mountain lodge.
Driving to Gorely Camp by off - road vehicle. The day starts with a 5 - hour drive through constantly changing landscape to plateau of 900 m hight, where we set our camp. A short stop for enjoying hot spring bath in the nature is due to weather conditions. Overnight in tents.
Ascending the Gorely volcano (1880 m). The trail to the crater of Kamchatka´s most beautiful volcano starts just from our camp. It usually takes one up to 3 hours to get to the crater yet the time flies by unnoticed since the panoramic view around just takes one´s breath away. Keep your photo camera ready! Overnight in tent.
Hiking into the crater of Mutnowsky volcano. One of the biggest highlights of this tour. Have you ever been inside of an active volcano? Today is the day. After an impressive off - road drive through giant volcanic caldera, it takes you approximately two hours of moderate hiking to get just into the center of volcanic activity. You experience the true meaning of the expression „the land of fire and ice“ as you stand in the crater of Mutnowsky volcano surrounded by huge glaciers, fumaroles, mud pots, and multi colored rocks. Overnight in tent. day 6. after days full of physical and volcanic activity we bring you back to civilization and let you recuperate before the adventure continues. Overnight in hotel.
Whole day trip to Russkay bay, one of the most beautiful bays along the western Pacific shore. While sailing to the bay you get to see numerous birds such as pacific seagull, tufted puffin, Steller´s white shoulder eagle, as well as watching sea mammals like sea lions, orcas and hump whales. On the board you are served freshly cooked salmon and crabs. Overnight in hotel.
Adventure continues. After packing our Kamaz for a long journey to the North, you drive up to 8 hours long before you reach the Kozirewsk settlement, placed on the foot of Kamchatka´s northern group of volcanoes. Overnight in wooden huts.
Before reaching the camp, you drive 70 km further north, which takes you up to 6 hours, as you cross mountain rivers numerous ash fields. The camp is set in the picturesque area, where you are surrounded by Tolbachik side - craters and pine tree forest, which was burnt off during the pre - last eruption in 1976. Overnight in tent.
Ascending the Plosky Tolbachick volcano (3080 m). During 6 - hour long moderate hike you have to gain 1800 vertical meters and enjoy the moon - like landscape around you. Once you reach the crater, you have time to explore ice plateau on the top, and if the weather is clear you get a chance to see all the northern volcanoes including Kamchatka´s highest one - the Kljuchevskoy. Overnight in tent.
In the morning till the early afternoon you have time to explore Tolbachick side- cones and Dead Forest. In the evening you arrive to Kozirewsk where you have a tiny bit of comfort such as russian banya (sauna) and no tents. Overnight in wooden huts.
Another adventurous drive by Kamaz! It is time to see Kamchatka´s highest volcanoe the Kljuchewskoy face to face. You drive to plateau located on the northern side of Tolbachick where you set your camp. Tolbachik is on your right hand side and Kljuchewskoy is on your left hand side, set your tripod and enjoy a beautiful sun set. Overnight in tent.
A day - long moderate hike exploring the area and getting closer to Kljuchewskoy. You cross highland tundra to get to basalt canyon. While hiking the chance of seeing Kamchatka brown bear is rather high. Up to 20 km hike, 10 hours, 500 vertical meters in total. Overnight in tent.
Driving all the way to Petropavlovsk - Kamchatsky. Long day on wheels, crossing the Kamchatka peninsula from north to the south. Overnight in hotel.
Reserve day for the case of bad weather. Can be used for optional excursions such as Valley of Geysers or Kuril Lake. Overnight in hotel.
Farewell and leaving Kamchatka.
The tour itinerary is the subject of change due to weather conditions, snow situation and objectives not dependent on us. Out Team & Guides do their best to fulfill the tour as mentioned here, yet changes are applicable due to certain circumstances.

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