Frequently asked Questions

  • Do I need visa for visiting Kamchatka, Russia?

    In the case you are the citizen of one of the ex Soviet Union republics, you need no visa for entering Russian Federation. Chineese travellers can enter Russia on visa free basis.

  • How to apply for Russian visa?

    Once you booked a tour with KamchatkaPure, we will require the copy of your passport. Thereafter we will issue an invitation for you to be able to apply for tourist visa for entering Russian Federation. Such invitation consist of voucher and confirmation, both indictaing that the trip to kamchatka is booked and paid for at authorised by Russian Minestry of Tourism tour operator. 

    After we have issued your invitation, it is your responsibility to contact Russian Consulate or Russian Embassy that is assigned for your country or region. There you will be informed about the procedure of apllying for Russian visa.

  • How long can I stay in Russia?

    Tourist visa which you can apply for when travelling to Russia can be issued for no longer than 30 days.